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(From time to time, the Lord will give me a prophetic word, and I will now begin to share them with you, as the Lord leads. Hereafter, I will just share the prophetic word, without this explanation, with the date it was given to me. ~ Syandra)

February 26, 2021

“You asked Me, What is coming? My answer is, Upheaval. It will seem as if everything is being turned upside down, which it will be in order to get it right side up again. Just as I turned over the tables of the greedy in the temple, so I will overthrow the tables of the greedy in the Church, in the government, in the marketplace, and in every mountain of society. Greed and lust have corrupted all, and I am sick of it. I will drive them out of the Church, I will drive them out of the governments, and I will drive them out of all of the other high places. The reek of their pride and arrogance has filled the earth. They have polluted it with their haughty displays of rebellion. They scheme and they plan and they laugh at the gullibility of those that blindly follow them. They dare even to mock the Father! But they shall soon see that their power is as nothing before Yahweh. Their secrets, their schemes, their plans will be exposed for all the world to see. Their kingdoms will collapse, their fortunes will be taken, and many will lose their lives, some suddenly and some in much suffering. Some will take their own lives as they continue to refuse to humble themselves before Almighty God. But there are many who will repent before the awesome display of the power of the Almighty God. While the proud and the haughty and rebellious will be crushed by the Rock, others will fall upon the Rock, seeking salvation, and they will find it, for the Lord your God is a merciful God, full of compassion. Yet He knows the hearts of men, and those who attempt to feign repentance will bring upon themselves the very wrath of God. No more! Mo more lies, no more pretense, no more manipulation, says the Lord God! Confess your sins and turn away from them or suffer the reaping of what you have sown multiplied. Do not mistake my love for approval or My grace for tolerance of your sin. Pretending repentance may fool other men, but it will not fool Me, for I know the hearts of men. I gave My Son for men, and I will not tolerate mockery of Him and what He suffered for mankind. Do not try to play games with Me this hour, says the Lord, for the end of My patience with mankind is near. I would that all would be saved, but if you continue to reject Me, I will let you have what you so richly deserve.

My people must understand the age of grace is coming to a close. The fields are white unto harvest. Bring in the harvest, My people. I will do the overturning, and the shaking, and even the beating of the fields, but you, My Church, must bring in the harvest. I am anointing and empowering you to do so. And yes, I am also chastising and purifying you even as I anoint and empower you. I am overturning things in your life that must change, for I have called you to be a part of My glorious Church in this hour.

Just as the world was turned upside down by the new-born Church, so will it be again by the end-time glorious church. This is a time of great danger for My people, but it is also the time of great opportunity. Do not fear the danger, for I am with you. And do not fear the opportunity, for, lo, I am with you, saith the Lord of Hosts. Rejoice and be glad that you were appointed for this hour.”

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