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I received this from a precious prayer warrior last night, and I don't think I could share with you anything more powerful or needful than this prophetic word from Jeremiah Johnson. ~ Syandra


"This is what Jeremiah Johnson wrote this morning:

Watchmen Wednesday 003

Today is a special edition of Watchmen Wednesday due to the US Presidential election

Over the past year there has been much discussion over Jeremiah’s book Trump and the Future of America.

Of particular interest is Chapter 9 where Jeremiah gave an answer to the most frequent question he had been receiving at the time (and all throughout the year leading up to Nov 3rd) "Will Donald Trump win the 2020 Election?".

His answer in the chapter titled: 'The Winner of the 2020 Election' is currently unfolding right before our very eyes as we watch state polling results trickle in, even as this email is being typed.

In this chapter, Jeremiah discusses a dream he had where he saw a vision of President Trump running the Boston Marathon.

As he approached the finish line, onlookers began to hiss, shout, and spit on the President as he neared closer and closer to the finish.

As he drew within 100 yards… the President fell.

Completely exhausted and gasping for air to get up and cross the finish line… two older women emerged from the crowd and somehow squeezed past the bulky security guards. One of the two women required a walker just to be able to advance closer to the ailing President—the other a cane.

As they drew near to him, a supernatural rush of wind enabled them to lift up the President, and inched him ever so slightly across the finish line.

After the dream, Jeremiah was given the revelation that the two older women represented the role of the praying Church who would carry him across the finish line in a last-second victory. These two women (the praying church) also represented an entire generation of people in the US… the baby boomers.

We believe that the baby boomers have done their part in this election to make sure to get out and cast their vote, as we saw millions standing in line wrapping around city blocks for the chance to make sure their vote has counted.

But now is the time for the supernatural rush of wind that is stirred up by the prayers of the church.

Saints we are right smack in the middle of this prophecy.

Will you join in, and bombard heaven with your prayers to supernaturally lift up President Trump and help him edge over the finish line?

This is what will ultimately determine the outcome of this long and grueling election.

There’s an enormous battle raging right now in the spiritual realm. The darkness is trying to prevent itself from being exposed.

We’re calling all Saints, intercessors, and prayer warriors to lift up the supernatural wind and help the President who is called for such a time as this, to cross the finish line.

Will you intercede for this nation?

With Urgency, The JJM Team

PS: If you could, please forward this message to a fellow prayer warrior or intercessor to help stand in the gap." ****************************************************************** God is doing His part; President Trump is doing his part; now it is up to God's praying Church. God put us here for such a time as this! Pray! 🙌 Syandra 

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